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Border? No Border?


There are various borders in the world.

Between countries, between people, between matter and spirit, between life and these boundaries really exist?

Boundaries that have existed for a long time, that were decided by someone else, and that we decided for ourselves, are ambiguous things that disappear if you think they don't exist. Easily cross the lines that you now think of as boundaries and enter the world beyond.

●Bold silk-print ink border on the entire front!

There are parts of the seams that are not printed, and there are parts that are printed inside the collar, and each piece has a different print.

The background is clean and white. A striped tank top with a fun contrast.

It is 5.6oz and can be worn smoothly.



Organic cotton 100%

blue navy

◾SIZE (cm)

M L XL Length 70 73 76 Width 49 52 55 Shoulder width 31 33 33

This is the Tank[BORDER]

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