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The back is made of ultra-lightweight, durable and water-resistant material [Tyvek ™].

Specifications that can be hung from the shoulder so that you can carry it comfortably even if you do a lot of shopping.

Breathable and breathable, which is also used for protective clothing. Water resistance that can be put in a lot of wet items.

Besides, this is the BAG, which is very light, is an item suitable for daily use.

From daily shopping to the sea as a sub-back.



Size Size

(Size) W480 x H380 x D160 mm



(Material): 100% high-density spunbound polyethylene Tyvek ™


[Main functions] Ultra-lightweight, breathable, water resistant, durable, reusable, etc.


* There is also a great deal on a set of two.

This is the BAG [Tough &Light]

Sales Tax Included
  • This is offers free repairs as part of its commitment to environmental issues.  Please use it for a long time while carefully fixing it.

    ※ Shipping will be borne by the customer. In addition, the repaired product will be returned by cash on delivery.

    * Repairs may not be accepted depending on the damage situation.

    * Actual costs may be charged depending on the damage situation.

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