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What is Harissa?

Harissa is a spice paste that plays an important role in the food culture of the Middle East. Also called Alyssa.

There are many different recipes, but some use chili peppers as a base, and spices such as garlic, coriander, and cumin, as well as lemon juice and olive oil, are added. ​

This is the Harissa uses plenty of onions and tomato paste, giving it a rich and flavorful finish.

Although harissa is still not very familiar in Japan, it goes well with any kind of cuisine, including ethnic, Japanese, Western, and Chinese, and it adds spiciness and depth to the flavor.

It goes well with meat, fish, vegetables, grains, and a variety of other ingredients, and is recommended not only for everyday meals but also for BBQs, etc.​.

Simply adding it to your dishes will add a tangy spiciness and deep richness, enriching the flavor. It can also be enjoyed as a dip by spreading it on bread or mixing it with yogurt or mayonnaise.

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When it comes to meat dishes, we especially recommend pairing it with mutton.

The coriander and cumin match the unique flavor of the mutton, making it even more delicious.

The cooking method is simple, just grill with salt and pepper and serve with harissa.

​This is an easy recipe for making kebabs by mixing it with ground meat and grilling it in sticks. It's great served with pita bread or with couscous.If you like, you can add fresh coriander (cilantro, cilantro, cilantro) or chop it up to enjoy the aroma even more.

Chopped salad is also recommended as a garnish and sauce for meat. Finely chop cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, boiled beans and corn, and your favorite vegetables and combine them with yogurt and a little harissa. This recipe also has a lot of vegetables.

When pairing with fish dishes, it is best to choose relatively fatty fish. Horse mackerel and yellowtail are especially recommended.

The sauce of harissa, olive oil, and lemon juice can be used as is on sashimi, carpaccio, or grilled fish.

​ Adding a small amount to seafood tomato soup can eliminate the fishy smell and increase spiciness and flavor.

This is the Harissa is characterized by a concentrated flavor that adds richness and umami with just a little bit.

​ Add a little bit to the sauce or soup to create the flavor you like.

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The ingredients in This is the Harissa are all essential for a delicious curry recipe.

Adding it to the finish gives it a much more authentic taste.

When I eat curry with my kids, I want something a little spicier! I think there are many people who think that. In such a case, add spiciness and flavor with harissa. It will be a table that everyone can enjoy.

In addition, ingredients such as spices and garlic contained in harissa are said to have various effects.

[antioxidant effect]

The capsaicin, cumin, and coriander contained in chili peppers have antioxidant effects and are effective in reducing active oxygen in the body.
[Pain relief]

Capsaicin, the spicy ingredient in chili peppers, has the effect of suppressing the excitement of pain-sensing nerves and has the effect of relieving pain.
[Blood circulation improvement]

The spices found in harissa have the ability to dilate blood vessels, improving blood circulation.
[Promotes digestion]

Garlic and cumin have the effect of promoting digestion, and are said to be effective in improving appetite and gastrointestinal disorders.

However, these benefits have not been medically established, so if you have any health problems, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

Pignon, whose owner and chef is Rinpei Yoshikawa, who created This is the Harissa, is a French bistro located in Oku-Shibu, an area on the way to Tomigaya, past the hustle and bustle of Shibuya Station.

This is a popular restaurant where you can enjoy the skillful use of spices.

Based on French cuisine, the chef's original dishes are inspired by the places he has traveled to, including Europe, North Africa, and South America, and are carefully selected to pair well with wine.


Menus that use harissa, such as ``Homemade Merguez (Sheep Sausage with Harissa)'' are popular, and This is the Harissa has been commercialized so that you can enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home.

Mr. Yoshikawa is a surfer who goes into the ocean almost every week. This is designed the packaging based on our connection at sea. This is the Harissaga was born.  

No preservatives or additives, with the same taste as the store. Enjoy a meal that will take you on a journey around the world at This is the Harissa, made with only plant-based ingredients. ​​

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This is the Harissa by Pignon

●Name: Chili pepper paste
●Ingredients: Onion (domestic), tomato paste, coriander, garlic, lemon juice, chili pepper, cumin powder, chili powder, salt
● Contents: 100g
●Best before date (unopened): written on the bottom
●Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place.
●Seller: Pignon Co., Ltd. 16-3 Kamiyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
●Manufacturing site: AgriSleeve Co., Ltd. 426-1 Sakata, Yokoshiba Hikari-cho, Sammu-gun, Chiba Prefecture
●Nutritional information (per 100g) *Estimated value Energy 89kcal Protein 3.6g/Fat 13g/Carbohydrate 15.7g/Salt equivalent 21g
*Precautions for use: After opening, please store in the refrigerator (below 10℃) and consume as soon as possible.
●Inquiries: 03-3468-2331

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