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This is the Our Story

Good Wave, Good Smile, Good Life.

To live kindly to the earth.

When I live while surfing,

I strongly feel that the environment is being destroyed.


What is manufacturing that is close to the earth?

What can you do with design?

With that in mind, this is product is created.


For example, a pure white T-shirt with "This is the Tee" printed on it.

White T-shirts made in mass production

It is overflowing all over the world as a simple and functional product.

It takes a thread from a plant called cotton and

Someone is "weaving", "sewn", and "delivered".


We just forget about it.

Things that are commonplace

I want you to look again at the value and story of the thing.

This is one of the things I want to convey.


Also, without deciding the end or usage of things

We are also focusing on Upcycling Products, which create new value.

A cushion made from rice husks that are produced when rice is harvested.

Although it was used as fertilizer,

The use for cushions is a proposal for new uses.


Peel off the surfboard,

Collect the discarded surf wax and

A candle made by refining.

The process of wax recovery becomes communication

I was able to have time to think about the global environment with many people.


And the things we created and

I want you to take good care of me for a long time.

To that end, we built a Repair System and

We provide repair services for products after purchase.

"Fix", "Repair", "Use".

There are many things that can be used for a long time if you take your hands.

There is also a small hole in the T-shirt

Repairing it can be a lovely point.


What you can do only in this era,

Looking at the earth from a bird's-eye view, humbly, for all the lives that will live in the future.

Aiming for This is the Good Life, the journey of This is has just begun.


Lifestyle Factory "This is"

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