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Because there is morning, there is night, and without darkness there can be no light.
Stillness and movement repeat,
If there is a negative pole, it will turn positive, and if there is a positive pole, it will not turn negative.

The world is constantly turning upside down, and the truth between front and back is ambiguous.

The embroidery is beautifully finished, but the text is hard to read.
I can't read, but I can use my pockets.
The fabric is smooth, but the obligatory information is visible.

Various specifications have been placed beyond the common sense of the front and back.

I want you to once again recognize the ambiguity between the front and the back.
This is a message from This is.

[Description of item]

Usually, the side where the seam comes is considered to be the back side,
This product is reversible so you can enjoy it on both sides.

On the front side, the logo embroidery is sewn from the back with a mirror surface, making it the true logo.
(Representing the back side of the embroidery with the true character)
The logo and washing instructions are printed on the back.

The front on the back features a slightly convenient right pocket.

The body is made of 9.1 ounces of ultra-thick fabric with a crisp feel.
Although it has a big silhouette, the size is perfectly adjusted so that it doesn't look sloppy.
The more you wear it, the more it develops a unique flavor, allowing you to enjoy aging.

Cotton 100%

◾SIZE (cm)
    M  L 
Length 72 76
Width 57 60
Shoulder width 54 57
Sleeve length 60 61


Male model: 169cm / wearing size M

Female model: 165cm / wearing size M

This is the Long-sleeve [Reversible]

Sales Tax Included