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The “new normal” of choosing natural wax


Natural surf wax "Orient Surfwax" This is original packaging.


No paraffin (derived from petroleum), fragrances, or colorants.
All natural ingredients, with beeswax as the main ingredient. Each piece is made by hand.


Surfing wax is used to keep surfboards from slipping off when writing.
Most of these are petroleum-derived products made overseas, and are imported into Japan in the hundreds of thousands of units.
Assuming that 10% of that wax is dropped into the ocean, this means that several tons of petroleum-based wax are sinking into the ocean every year.


Some beaches around the world ban petroleum-based sunscreens to protect the marine environment.
The current situation is that petroleum-derived products, which have such a negative impact on the ocean, are commonly used in surfing, a sport that involves contact with the ocean.


Orient Surfwax offers the option of choosing natural wax and creates a "new normal" for surfing that is kind to the earth.

・Moist and strong grip
・Quick wax-up
・Produces grains that are tall and hard to crush
- Hard to get wet



Can be used in all seasons. It produces hard, fine, and tall grains.

It can also be used as a regular wax (top coat) in conditions of high air and water temperatures.


When the outside air is a little hot and the water temperature is warm.


When the outside air is warm and the water temperature is cold.


How to use

Apply the base coat to the waxed board in a gentle circular motion.

Once you have fine, tall grains, apply an appropriate amount of top coat and you're done.


Other lineups are


Orient surfwax


By @nobuhitonobbyohkawa
Factory / @granary.tateyama


This is the[Orient Surfwax]

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