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``A bag made from dead stock ``fertilizer bags'' from the 1950s''


This bag is made from vinylon fertilizer bags that have been in stock since the war immediately after the war at Oya Orimono, a textile factory in Kujukuri that has been around since the Edo period.

Vinylon fertilizer bags, which were produced in large quantities after the war and then pressed into plastic and left in stock for a long time, are not only upcycled, but also thin, light, strong and durable, and do not contain harmful substances when disposed of. I don't give out.

An upcycled tote bag with a real story like no other.


At the time, fertilizer bags were made by heat-cutting a cylindrical piece of cloth.

The bottom part uses heat cut as is. Cut and process the string from the mouth part. It is designed not to produce cutting waste.


100% vinylon


String (long side) 550mm / String (short side) 250mm

*There are some individual differences. Please understand that this is an upcycled product.


■History of Kazusa Momen and Oya Textile

Since the Edo period, cotton production has flourished as a side job for farmers, mainly in the current areas of Narito City, Togane City, Oami Shirasato City, and Mobara City in Chiba Prefecture. After the Bunka era (1818), merchants from Mobara and the Yokaichi Market in Shimousa Province sold cotton produced in this region in various places, and its simplicity and robustness were praised. At the end of the Edo period, efforts were made to introduce high machinery, but production continued as a sideline to agriculture. In 1875, 145,000 woven fabrics were produced annually, including 820,000 thick woven fabrics and 48,000 striped woven fabrics, reaching its peak. Among these, Oya Shokumono was founded in the Ansei era (1854) and has been producing Kazusa cotton using traditional weaving machines. Today, it is the only weaving shop that weaves machine-woven Kazusa cotton.


*What is vinylon?

Vinylon is a synthetic fiber that was first developed in Japan. It was the second material developed in the world after nylon.

It has high fiber strength, is resistant to friction, and has excellent moisture absorption, which is rare among synthetic fibers. It also has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, and is used in many industrial fields. Since vinylon is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, it does not generate harmful substances such as dioxins and ammonia when burned.


*Note* The products are manufactured using materials that are in good condition, but because they have been stored for a long time, there may be some scratches or stains. Please understand this before purchasing.

This is the BAG[UP CYCLE]

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  • At This is, we will provide free repairs as part of our efforts to address environmental issues.  Please take good care of it and use it for many years to come.

    ※ Shipping will be borne by the customer. Repaired products will be returned to you with cash on delivery.

    *Depending on the damage, we may not be able to accept repairs.

    *Actual costs may be charged depending on the circumstances of the damage.

  • Because we use dead stock fabric, production will end as soon as the fabric is used up.

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