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We have carefully selected deep-roasted, home-roasted organic coffee beans from "Obiya Coffee" in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Uses fair trade and pesticide-free beans from the village of Hahimau, Timor-Leste.


It is also recommended to have an iced coffee with a solid taste of ultra-dark roast.

Even if you chill it with ice, the deliciousness will not be diluted, and you can enjoy it even more refreshingly.


Soft acidity and mellow throat Whether it's a drink when you wake up in the morning or when you're chilling out at sea.

The coffee beans are organic JAS certified and are not fumigated or disinfected during import.

Safe and secure organic coffee beans. 2Pack is a great deal.




*Sold as beans.

*The expiration date is 3 months from the roasting date.


*We also have a two-piece set.

[Limited quantity] This is the Coffee [Obiya Coffee] 2packs

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