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No Plan B!


A surfer searching for "good waves" finally arrives in space.

However, there is only silence.

There is no ocean to support abundant life, and there is no gravity or wind to create waves.

There's only one thing that exists, "Earth"...


An astronaut with a surfboard is printed on the chest, and the names of the planets in the solar system and their distances from the sun are printed on both sleeves.

I tried to convey the message that I want people to feel the miracle of being able to surf on Earth right now.


This is a collaboration product with "Atlantic Coffee Stand", a business run by professional surfer Tomohisa Yoshikawa, who is based in Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture and conveys the wonders of the ocean and nature.

The body is 100% organic cotton. It is elegant and soft to the touch. WHITE is a natural off-white. BLACK becomes a gentle micro. The collar is double-needle sewn to prevent it from stretching even after repeated wear.



Organic cotton 100%


◾SIZE (cm)

Length 68 71 74 77
Width 52 56 60 64
Shoulder width 46 49 52 55
Sleeve length 62 63 64 65

This is the Long Tee[No plan B]

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